Thursday, March 3, 2011


Oops, I did it again! I've just finished the second week of nursing school and I'm pooped. Extremely exhausted. But, in the long run, it's going to be so worth it. I'm learning so much every day and I'm making new friends and branching out.

Today, we did our CPR training through the American Heart Association. Can you believe I was injured?? Well, maybe it was just a minor injury... Ok, it's a blister; a little, painful blister on the heel of my palm. I guess I was really getting into the chest compressions! Because of the CPR training, we finished a few hours earlier than normal so a few of us went out to lunch. It feels nice to be making new friends that I have something other than recovery in common with. We sat at Chic-fil-a and talked about bloody accidents over our “chikin”. Really starting to feel like I’m on a career path is an amazing feeling.

Homework is consuming most of my time these days. I get up at 5:30a and I’m in school from 7:30a to 3:30p. Then, I come home, watch an episode of something on ABC Family and have a snack, then do homework and reading until 9:30 and usually to bed by 10. Saying that my brain is fried right now would be an understatement! I really need to work on my time management skills and fit a few more meetings in. This week, I’ve only been to my home group. It’s all a learning process and I’m really working to see what I can improve on and change to make things a little more efficient.

Gratitude has been high on my list lately. Although I hate getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, I love learning. Without the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ve been reflecting on how much AA has given me in just the past few years and I can’t help but smile. Thank you, God, for keeping me away from a drink and a drug for another day. =)

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  1. Busy busy busy.
    Just remember your priority.