Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I feel like I'm so busy these days. With my job, it all comes at once or it doesn't come at all. So, until school starts on Feb. 22 I'll be working 7 days a week.

I've been spending a day a week with my sister and she seems to be holding her own these days. Still no sign of the loser ex-boyfriend! I have been through some awful relationships and I understand how they can really get into your head. There is only so long that someone, whom you believe you love, can tell you you're worthless before you believe him. Which is what happened. That curse of having no self-esteem is a hard fog to come out of. It was for me and I know it is for her.

Tonight is my homegroup and I'm totally not looking forward to going. It's turned into a cat fest of who can out share who and it's a total drag. I always hope that it's going to change, but nothing does. Tonight is also our monthly business meeting and a lot will be discussed and I'm anticipating an all out war at this point... Ugh. Perhaps, in August when my 2 year term as secretary is up, it will be time to just move on. There are some women in there with 20+ years of sobriety that I always used to respect, but at this point I feel like I'm railroaded every time I ask a question or present a motion because they "know" better. It seems our business meeting has become "organized"...

Also, I've finally heard back on some of my amends. I'll post more on how that went later, for now, I've got to go to work!

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