Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm done! I've graduated! I'm a nurse! Or, I will be soon. I'm in the process of waiting to be approved to take my boards. It's all very exciting. But, the best part?? Not getting up between 4-5 am daily. Lately, it's been - sleeping until 8, coffee, work a few hours, pool, study a bit, eat, meeting. I feel like I've got so much freedom now, it's amazing. This is the first things I've ever finished in my entire life - so it's a big deal. This is what recovery has given me. The ability to follow through, achieve, help others, and take care of myself. I hope to be around more frequetly now that school is finished and I've got much more time on my hands. But, I've said that before... hopefully I've got a little more follow through now. =)

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  1. Congrats. I know it's hard work to get this far; my partner is going to school for a nursing degree too.