Friday, March 9, 2012

Back into it

It feels so good to be back into my regular meeting schedule. Comfortable, like I'm home again. Last night I went to the Big Book study at the treatment facility I went to. Something about that place just makes me feel better. It's where I'm most comfortable sharing and opening up and meeting people. It's unusual for me to share at meetings unless that awkward silence hits and I'm the last one left; but when I'm there it's easy for me. My thoughts are gathered and come out in order and I actually make sense!! Anyway, it feels really good to be back into the middle of the herd and to be able to have time to connect with new people. I'm really going through it right now with my personal life and I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My relationship is finally coming to a long overdue end and it's a struggle every day to maintain a cordial relationship with him. Most days I want to slap him and say, wtf are you thinking?? But, that's not going to get me anywhere so I'll continue to pray for him because I know that's what works best.

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