Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mum's the word

What an evening I had at work last night. 19 hours in one day is just too many to work. I'm exhausted and couldn't manage to sleep more than 4 hours this morning so I spent the rest of the afternoon ironing. I love to iron. Yes, iron. I haven't had an ironing board in a few years - OK I'm lying, I had a table top one but I don't feel like it really counts... it's like not having one - so now I'm taking full advantage of it and ironing almost everything I own. Ironing keeps me busy. Gives me something to do with my idle time and my busy mind so I don't get myself in trouble. Today, trouble would have consisted of yelling at my forever irresponsible roommate for her latest flavor of the week double parking and making it impossible to get into my spot this morning after I haven't been to bed in over a day. At that point I realize it's not her fault but I still hold her responsible for letting her "guests" know what's acceptable or not when they're here. And, at 9am when my relief for my endless shift has been late and I'm beyond tired, I get pissed easily. But, today I took the high road. I didn't say a word. I got my Little Debbie Fancy Cakes with the Mary Englebreit mail in stationary offer and went to bed, without saying a word.

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  1. Well, if you like ironing, I have quite a load you can come do. I don't mind...really.