Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here we go

It's been so long since I've written anything at all. Well, other than my journal and I'm not publishing ALL of that chaos. We're just going to have to see where this goes and hopefully I'll get a few readers and make a few friends along the way.

I'm in recovery and hopefully that will be part of the topic of some of my posts. I'm an alcoholic/addict. Although, most people don't prefer to differentiate between the two, there is a chance that someone will happen upon me and be able to identify with what I've got to say or may be curious about recovery in general. That's mainly what my life revolves around and, free of resentments, I'll be able to keep it that way. I attend about 3 meetings a week these days and generally only AA - but I do hit NA once in a while.

Somehow, over the last few years, I've gotten myself a bunch of friends I'm no longer satisfied with. My sponsor says I'm growing out of them - which is apparently normal. But, it's left me feeling dissatisfied and uneasy. So, hopefully getting some of that out on here and realizing how ridiculous I sound will put a different perspective on things.

Other than that, lately things have just been irking me and I need a place to vent them before I explode! Like, why a 50 something year old man would possibly think that people would believe his psychotic episode which convinced him he was engaged to Miley Cyrus. Or why the guy on the hover-round commercial this morning said, "It's so comfortable when I'm sitting in it that I forget I'm even in a chair!" Or something to that effect. Or why Blanche said this morning on the Golden Girls, "Now my only chance is to become an intellectual or find a retired Jew." (No offense intended, it is just a quote from the Golden Girls after all)

Supposing that's enough of an introduction, I'm going back to work! It was a tough schedule this week and I've only got about 7 hours left until I get the weekend off.

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  1. Well, I can't say I know what you are going through with the recover, but I do have 2 ears that are good at listening, and big sholders if you need one to lean on.